By nature, man is very dynamicand mobile. Man needs to move from one place to the other as constantly as possible. Man loves to explore his environment and would like to visit places of interest even in the city or town where he dwells. When man goes to see a
place nearby, in his immediate environs, it is usually referred to as a visit.
For instance, if a man living in New York City goes to places like Gray Line City, Buffalo
Wild Wings or the One World Observatory; it is taken as visits.

TRAVELS: is a pleasure trip to somewhere outside your immediate environ. Departing from Ney York City to Miami is categorized as Travel. Travel could be for business or work. It
could also be pleasure or vacation. Though there may be other motives for a travel. Travel could be planed to be a family affairs to some interesting places in company of one’s family, friends and associates if it intended for fun and pleasure. A pleasure trip or travel is normally for sightseeing, relaxation or pleasure.

On the other hand, a travel may be a planned business trip to a
designated place or places. Usually, a business trip or travel is usually for
economy reasons. This is sometimes referred to as a working trip. This type of
travel is usually organized by an organization or a business company. Mostly
travels or trips are widely done on land or air.


A cruise is usually and mostly for pleasure and leisure Unlike
travel, Cruise is purely limited to seas and intercontinental oceans and
sometimes on large rivers. There are various types of cruises depending on the
degree and level of their sophistication. The different types of cruises
include but not limited to:

1. Adventure cruises: These are purely for
sightseeing with some level of added pleasure. It is designated to to you off
your usual busy track.

2. Christmas cruises: This is a festive
target voyage designed to offer people to see and experience the mood of
Christmas in places different from theirs.

3. Classical cruises: Basically this type
of cruise for holiday experience. But it added some levels of quality and sophistication to what they were
normally used to.

4. Contemporary cruises: This is a sort of
cruise that spice the experiences with creativity and innovations that light up
the minds of cruisers. Everyone enjoys his/her stay.

5. Family cruises: This type is where family stay-together which provides the opportunity of each member of the family to experience and enjoy new things. This has an added advantage of building stronger family- ties.

6. Luxury cruises: This is a type of cruise that offers near to everything you have dreamt of in life. It provides exceptional service and dazzling ships, and great extraordinary programs for long-lasting experiences.

7. Ultra luxury cruises: This is like the best
type of cruise options. You can call it extra-ordinary cruise scheme. It is
mostly for the bourgeois, world leaders, world economic power players and their
likes. These cruise lines provide best service, commanded food orders, and exceptionally
tasty rooms. This is almost where the highest level of sophistication is on

8. River cruises: This is most pleasurable and most service-advanced type of cruise. River cruise leave you for an everlasting impression.

Travels and cruises are the means of winding and off-load tensions and stress that man has adopted from ages long. They will remain with man certainly forever.